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How have I managed to sell more than 1,000 homes over the span of my career in real estate?

I’ll tell you what I didn’t do: I didn’t door-knock, I never made a cold call, I never called “For Sale By Owners” or expired listings, or do any of those things that agents say they have to do to trick themselves into getting out there and doing their jobs.

At Latham Realty, we do what’s called ‘reverse prospecting.’ This essentially is the proactive approach to finding potential buyers for my listings. Each month, I invest upwards of $20,000 in marketing, and this has helped me to generate ready and willing buyer leads. Through reverse prospecting, buyers and sellers reach out to us to help them with their transactions. We then fulfill those needs by reaching out and connecting with them.

Another factor in my success is sitting through open houses. These attract people to come in and meet with me; if we get along together, then we do business, and if we don’t, then we don’t.

Too many people overcomplicate the process of getting leads, taking time to create meticulous schedules and setting overly lofty goals for themselves. I’m here to tell you that that’s not sustainable in the long term. You can’t suffer your way to success—there’s an easier way.

Through focusing on what you want to create and leveraging your God-given superpowers of manifestation, your opportunities will come. You can also simplify the process just by going out and meeting more people. The more people you meet, the luckier you’ll get.

Today’s message is an invitation for you to consider that there’s a different, better way.

A lot of agents find challenges in the fact that when they don’t have opportunities coming in, they’ll either burn out or start pounding the phone to call FSBOs, expireds, and everything else. I sure as hell don’t like calling people who don’t want to talk to me!

Today’s message is an invitation for you to consider that there’s a different, better way. Our challenge is that we have too many leads, too many people reaching out to us, and not enough agents to fulfill the demand. 

We generate over 600 buyer and seller leads a month, which I could either ramp up or down. We have a full team of admin support, transaction support, and marketing specialists. We have a construction company as well as an investment company. We even provide sellers with built-in buyers because we can just buy your house and/or land from them directly.

Most importantly, we have a culture that is second to none. At Latham Realty, we lead by example. We don’t push you to do anything; many want accountability in their business, but I want to be in business with people who can hold themselves accountable. I raise the standards on our team by pushing my limits.

If this sounds like the kind of atmosphere you’ve been needing in your career, we are looking for more awesome people to join our world. No matter what your goals are, we invite you to have a conversation with us where we can show you what we’re all about. All you have to do is reach out to us at (425) 345-4920 or at I look forward to connecting with you.